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Our school is the automotive, electronics and lighting industries. Low manufacturing cycles, small parts, high demands on precision, quality and reliabity. We have experience gained from over 30 different projects for the system integration of robots and robots with camera vision.

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    We analyse the feasibility both technically and economically  and we also prepare the offer

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    We manage the project to develop your new workplace to meet your satisfaction

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    We build, test and pass on new technology including training on operations and maintenance

Our robotic and automation systems are widely used

We focus on the most sophisticated applications in the high-volume manufacturing of small and accurate parts, as well as the clever application of state-of-the-art robotic tochnologies in the areas of highly flexible manufacturing systems, camera-controlled robots or workplaces shared between robots and people.


Robotization and its use

  • Assemblly of miniature springs and electrical connectors
  • Robotic manipulation of pick and place parts   
  • Passing parts through a camera-controlled robot
  • Selecting parts from running belts by a camera-controlled robot
  • Robotic soldering and potting by 1k and 2k polymer systems
  • Robotické moulding and bending of small components
  • Robotic soldering
  • Robotic packaging and palletising
  • Robotic 100% quality control
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Automation technology

  • Technological consultancy in the field of robotization, digitisation and process optimisation
  • Identifying and analysing automation potential
  • Design and delivery of assembly lines and welding carousels
  • Integrating machine vision for flexible robotic feeding
  • Integrating high-tech camera technologies for inspection and testing
  • Automatic shaping machines and circular vibratory feeders
  • Programming of Logic controllers (PLC)

We make quality products thanks to the use of modern technology

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  • Seeking and pick parts
  • Assembly and place parts
  • Screwing, gluing
  • Micro-resistance welding
  • Soldering
  • Resing filling
  • Shaping electro components
  • Fasten stamping
  • Testing and checking parts
  • Camera checking parts
  • Folding and printing packaging
  • Packaging parts
  • Data mining into industrial network

How does cooperating with us work?

Each customer is unique, as is the subsequent robotization and automation project. This can be both the automation of existing customer equipment and the development of a new production line or robotic workplace.

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    We´ll start development and production of robotic workplace

  • Satisfied customer

    Continuous improvement is the basis for long-term cooperation

Come and join our satisfied customers

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A unique solution for any industry

A flexible management system is just the foundation; our greatest strength is our educated, well trained and motivated people. Only then we can meet the wishes of our most demanding customers. Our strong team will persuade you of this.

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